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Transportation of steel, building materials

15:57 - 23/11/2017
Transportation Iron and steel, building materials is one of the services that the company provides, these are important items in daily life, from building to construction of buildings, architecture, construction production plant to develop the country economy.

Iron and steel, building materials are the most transported items, as the construction of the capital as well as the market of moving back, the works mushroom.

Transportation of steel, building materials

Being bulky, not to a certain size, transporting it is complicated and dangerous, unloading it is also a problem. Understanding that the transport company Hoang Minh has invested, professional training for the driver, loading and unloading as well as related parts about the process as well as knowledge in the transport of steel, construction materials. ...

Through the practice, we have brought the satisfaction of many customers, even the most difficult customers. Our clients are large construction steel companies in the country

In addition to improving the capacity of staff, we have to invest equipment as well as all types of vehicles with a tonnage of 1 to 16 tons, container trucks, tractors ... to transport transfer of construction materials, steel, oversized dimensions. The size and specifications of the vehicle body are suitable for all kinds of goods such as steel rebar, steel coil, steel pipe, steel plate, prefabricated house ...

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