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Reduce 1,000 billion VND per kilometer per kilometer of Hanoi railway after review

13:43 - 22/11/2017
With the review and recalculation of expenses, the total investment of the 5.9km railway section decreased by nearly VND5,800 billion. The Hanoi Railway Management Board has recalculated the total investment of Tran Hung Dao Street - Thuong Dinh urban railway No. 2 at the request of the People's Committee of Hanoi and based on the opinion of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Construction. Based on the reference price and investment, the total investment was reduced to VND 28,918 billion

With the length of 5.9 km, in the proposed project was made in March 3.1717, the estimated investment capital of this road in Hanoi is 34.743 billion. Thus, the new calculations after review showed that the investment reduced 5,825 billion, equivalent to one km was adjusted down about 1,000 billion.

According to the city's People's Committee, the reduced costs include construction costs, procurement, installation of railway systems, compensation for site clearance, project management, interest expenses, etc. It is based on reference to the parameters of other railways as well as the reduction of unnecessary costs.

Specifically, Hanoi has recalculated construction costs, labor unit price, construction machine of urban railway No. 2 according to the new unit announced by the Ministry of Construction in May 2017. Some of these rates are not included in the quotas applied by the vendor quotes, or referenced from similar projects, according to Tuoi Tre.

The cost of procurement, construction and installation of locomotives, carriages, railways, information systems, power supply systems, toll collection systems ... are also recalculated based on route reference parameters. No. 2, South Thang Long - Thuong Dinh.

However, the agency also emphasized that the total investment is only expected at the project proposal stage and may continue to be reviewed during the project formulation phase in order to cut unnecessary costs. .
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