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The case of steel shells Doing such a lie is not allowed

13:40 - 22/11/2017
Mr. Tran Chau, Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh People's Committee: "I also ask the provincial police to clarify the fraudulent behavior of Dai Nguyen Duong Company. have a mite! ".

On the afternoon of August 22, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vu Van Tam and his delegation continued working with the People's Committee of Binh Dinh province to repair and repair 20 steel boats of the province's newly built fishermen. was severely damaged. However, the meeting has not yet decided on a plan to overcome the four ships of the Dai Nguyen Limited Company (Nam Dinh) in China steel is not up to the standard of severe rust, must lie on the shore more than five this month.

Not yet replaced steel for 5 damaged ships

Reported at the meeting, Tran Van Phuc, deputy director of Binh Dinh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that now Dai Nguyen Duong Company has pulled five ships to repair momentum at Tam Quan shipyard in Hoai Nhon district , Binh Dinh. However, all five vessels have not been repaired due to lack of agreement on the plan.

Previously, the assessment results in June 2017 of the independent evaluation team of Binh Dinh province have identified all five ships are built in China steel while the price appraisal certificate, the statement of volume of implementation All payment documents are Korean steel. In addition, the survey results also identified three vessels with unmodified grade A.

Although Binh Dinh province has repeatedly asked Dai Nguyen Corporation to remove steel China, replace all the Korean standard steel but the company is trying to delay the implementation. The result of re-inspection of Vinacontrol inspection company in the end of July 2017 has seven samples of four ships failing to meet grade A steel due to manganese component (Mn) lower than prescribed.

On August 14, Dai Nguyen Duong Company said that the steel built the above ships is steel A, qualified to build fishing vessels according to regulations. The company claims that the Mn component of the steel is lower loss due to the process of shipbuilding, steam cutting, high temperature welding, the process of operating on the sea to make ship hull corrosion, rust, surface cleaning process plus paint quality, paint process is not guaranteed so affect the nature of steel ... The company proposed repair, repaint the whole shell of a ship with standard steel, compensation for steel price difference.

For the four ships with steel grade A, Dai Nguyen Duong to replace the steel plate with the Mn components not reached by the steel plate A grade steel as prescribed, the same time repair, paint Replace the whole hull in accordance with the process. The company is committed to coordinating with banks and ship owners to recalculate the difference between Korean steel and Chinese steel to transfer to banks, reducing loans to shipowners. According to Mr. Phuc, before the proposal, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development can not decide but get the opinion of MARD.

Must continue ... hire a specialist!

Dao Hong Duc, Director of the Fishery Register Center under the General Department of Fisheries (MARD), said that when the inspection agency before shipbuilding, steel of Dai Nguyen used to achieve grade A, Qualified for shipbuilding. On the other hand, this company claims to be grade A steel and is responsible for steel.

"Through the evaluation of Vinacontrol, the physical and mechanical properties meet the requirements of steel A, the chemical lack of Mn should have the basis of asserting that the original steel is A grade, to ensure the standard. If you want to repair, Dai Nguyen recommended clean surface, paint properly, ensure safety for the ship "- Mr. Duc said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Oai, Deputy Director General of the General Department of Fisheries, said: "The General Department of Fisheries' view is that shipbuilding materials, main engines, auxiliary machines, This is in line with the approved technical design file, which satisfies the technical specifications of the fishing vessel and the relevant technical regulations. Particularly for ship's hull material, it must meet at least grade-A steel according to regulations, decentralization and shipbuilding steel shell. I also emphasize that the molecular structure of steel differs from the molecular structure of all other materials, which must be consistent. "

Mr. Tran Chau, Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh People's Committee, completely rejected the proposal of Dai Nguyen. "I totally disagree with that proposal. Shipbuilding steel itself did not meet the quality standards, now just scratch the paint to the sea again several times? Only a few samples were not as good quality, and other places of the ship? Eyes often know how to change the quality or not. Do not be so fake! Why get enough money of people then embankment, fix for get? I was required to remove, replace all the standard Korean steel, return the quality of the ship to fishermen. I also asked the provincial police to clarify the dishonesty of the Daiyang Ocean Company, unable to pass on this issue. Can not accept this kind of thing! To eat like this, the country only has a moth! " Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh People's Committee said that the demand and hire of experts with deep expertise in materials for inspection of all steel hull, where not qualified, must be removed, closed with new steel.

Deputy Minister Vu Van Tam also agreed to invite experts to inspect the shipbuilding materials, offer consulting solutions to overcome. "The Mn element in steel is important because it involves oxidation. It can be removed completely to replace the whole hull, as if closed for replacement of each will open, not sure, "- said Tam. However, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vu Van Tam could not come up with a remedy that was decided by the chairman of Binh Dinh People's Committee. Mr. Tam agreed to delay the completion of repairing steel shell ships from August 30th to September 30th, and asked shipbuilders to compensate the fishermen for damage caused by the ship, must lie on the shore. MARD is reporting to the Government to extend the bank loan repayment time for damaged fishermen
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